Aerial yoga is a technique where an aerial device (fabrics) is used as a suspension tool for the body where the postures are deepened thanks to the ease and mobility that the fabrics give us, uses the ancestral techniques of traditional yoga as a base and edits, in a friendly way for the body, the way to carry out each posture, playing with the suspension and in some cases the use of the floor as a fixed and tension point. It is a technique suitable for all people, from children to older adults and ranges from the restorative part to the most artistic and acrobatic part.


  • Eliminates back pain
  • Stretch the column
  • Unzip the vertebrae and “oxygenate” the spinal cord
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Reactivates circulation and reactivates the respiratory system
  • Strengthens and defines the muscular system
  • Regenerates and strengthens joints
  • Activates the digestive system
  • Helps lymphatic drainage and fluid retention mainly in the lower body
  • Growth and stretching of the bone system
  • Fights hypertension
  • It works as physiotherapy
  • Strengthens neural connections, helps memory and coordination
  • Relax your mind, it works to reduce stress levels
  • It feeds the mind body connection and helps increase creativity
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Dayspa Packages


Therapeutic massage 40 minutes
Steam 10 minutes
Clay Mud Therapy 60 minutes
Price: US $ 120 + taxes
1 hour 50 minutes of therapy


Steam 10 minutes
Facial 20 minutes
Relaxing massage 40 minutes
Price: US $ 100 + taxes
1 hour 10 minutes of therapy


Therapeutic massage 60 minutes
Steam 10 minutes
Exfoliation 20 minutes
Clay Mud Therapy with relaxing massage 80 minutes
Floral bath 30 minutes
Price: US $ 140 + taxes
3 hours 20 minutes of therapy


Sound therapy (renew internal waters) 30 minutes
Steam 10 minutes
Exfoliation 20 minutes
Barrotherapy 60 minutes
Lymphatic drainage 60 minutes
Price: US $ 150 + taxes
3 hours of therapies.



Steam 10 minutes
Hot stone therapy – geothermal 40 minutes
Pressure Point Therapy 60 minutes
Price: US $ 140 + taxes

1 hour 50 minutes of therapy


Facial exfoliation 15 minutes
Clay Mud Facial therapy 30 minutes
Facial massage 25 minutes
Price: US $ 50 + taxes
60 minutes of therapy



Foot Reflexology 30 minutes $20 Ivonne
Exfoliation 10 minutes
Foot bath 40 minutes $20
Price: US $ 80 + taxes
1 hour 20 minutes of therapies.