This class is a technique that combines the traditional technique of ballet dance, Yoga and Pilates, focused on recovering body mobility, suitable for all types of people and adapts by means of modifications to different body types, by means of technical ballet postures, pulses or small movements of low impact and the conscious breathing that yoga gives us, this class is a complete option to train mind and body from a practice of low impact friendly one hundred percent with the body.


  • Help correct posture
  • Increases resistance
  • Increase coordination and memory
  • Improves flexibility
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Increases the production of happiness hormones
  • Defines and lubricates the muscles

Custom Workouts
Each personalized training session varies according to the client’s taste, from training in a common gym or a combination of the techniques described above, the duration of personalized training varies between 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

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Dayspa Packages


Therapeutic massage 40 minutes
Steam 10 minutes
Clay Mud Therapy 60 minutes
Price: US $ 120 + taxes
1 hour 50 minutes of therapy


Steam 10 minutes
Facial 20 minutes
Relaxing massage 40 minutes
Price: US $ 100 + taxes
1 hour 10 minutes of therapy


Therapeutic massage 60 minutes
Steam 10 minutes
Exfoliation 20 minutes
Clay Mud Therapy with relaxing massage 80 minutes
Floral bath 30 minutes
Price: US $ 140 + taxes
3 hours 20 minutes of therapy


Sound therapy (renew internal waters) 30 minutes
Steam 10 minutes
Exfoliation 20 minutes
Barrotherapy 60 minutes
Lymphatic drainage 60 minutes
Price: US $ 150 + taxes
3 hours of therapies.



Steam 10 minutes
Hot stone therapy – geothermal 40 minutes
Pressure Point Therapy 60 minutes
Price: US $ 140 + taxes

1 hour 50 minutes of therapy


Facial exfoliation 15 minutes
Clay Mud Facial therapy 30 minutes
Facial massage 25 minutes
Price: US $ 50 + taxes
60 minutes of therapy



Foot Reflexology 30 minutes $20 Ivonne
Exfoliation 10 minutes
Foot bath 40 minutes $20
Price: US $ 80 + taxes
1 hour 20 minutes of therapies.