It is proven that the practice of yoga greatly improves endurance, even more than any other “normal” aerobic exercise. We don’t only improve our resistance in each yoga class, we can also feel it in our daily performance. This practice is one hundred percent recommended for those who suffer from fatigue and lack of energy.


  • Improves respiratory cardio capacity
  • Strengthens the musculature of the heart
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Increase oxygen consumption
  • Increases the absorption of nutrients in the muscles
  • Works as a detoxifier
  • Aids digestion
  • Use fat as an energy source

Press and Resist is a class developed to increase our physical resistance, by means of strength postures we work small and repetitive movements (pulses) which help us to take our body and our mind a little further, challenging us a little more each day, resistance is a fundamental part of our life, without it we would not endure climbing a few stairs without getting tired.

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The natural components of mud and essential oils, create a revitalizing action in each part treated in this therapy, creating a deep elimination of toxins and dead cells through the wet steam bath, motivating a deep renewal of the skin and activating the system circulatory with a deep therapeutic massage on the whole body.

Therapeutic massage 40 minutes
Steam 10 minutes
Clay Mud Therapy 60 minutes
Price: US $ 110 + taxes
1 hour 50 minutes of therapy


The results that wet steam baths give us in combination with aromatherapy help us to detoxify the body through our pores, leaving them free to receive all the nutrients from essential oils and mud, restoring our feelings with a deep soothing massage.

Steam 10 minutes
Facial 20 minutes
Relaxing massage 40 minutes
Price: US $ 95 + taxes
1 hour 10 minutes of therapy



A balance in the body, mind and soul is what all people want. This therapy is based on bringing a balance directly treating body energy points through heat stones and a deep massage taking this ancient technique such as acupressure to each part of our body.

Steam 10 minutes
Hot stone therapy – geothermal 30 minutes
Digitopuncture 40 minutes
Price: US $ 120 + taxes

1 hour 20 minutes of therapy


The human being is made up of 80% water based on that, Water as a source of life nourishes every stop of our being, in that therapy we use its wonderful power to mobilize energy within our body through sound therapy. Release toxins with a deep wet steam bath, regenerate tissues with the exfoliation of honey and sugar and moisturize and nourish the skin with the wonderful effects of mud, ending with a massage that renews and cleanses our pores and deeply improves circulation.

Sound therapy (renew internal waters) 30 minutes
Steam 10 minutes
Exfoliation 20 minutes
Barrotherapy 60 minutes
Lymphatic drainage 60 minutes
Price: US $ 150 + taxes
3 hours of therapies.


The best way to bring our skin to an intense and deep renewal is by giving it the necessary care and elements. By activating the deep circulation of the body with a therapeutic massage, the elimination of accumulated toxins is better achieved, by deflating the skin with a wet steam bath, the largest organ of our body, the skin, prepares to renew its structure.

Therapeutic massage 60 minutes
Steam 10 minutes
Exfoliation 20 minutes
Clay Mud Therapy with relaxing massage 80 minutes
Floral bath 30 minutes
Price: US $ 140 + taxes
3 hours 20 minutes of therapy


Rejuvenates revitalizes and renews the face. This therapy is carefully designed to give it life and luminosity. Promoting a profound renewal of the cells that make up the neck and face chest through a mixture of coconut oil and sea salt and also a mud cover that completely moisturizes the skin. The result of this set of therapies gives us positive changes in skin health.

Facial exfoliation 15 minutes
Clay Mud Facial therapy 30 minutes
Facial massage 25 minutes
Price: US $ 50 + taxes
60 minutes of therapy



In the feet there are points of reflection of each organ that habits us. This therapy acts completely on the foot system since the renewal of the skin. The elimination of toxins using a hot bath with medicinal herbs specially chosen and harvested from our organic garden that promote better circulatory and anti-inflammatory functioning and more deeply acts on each organ. Internal with a reflex massage.

Foot Reflexology 30 minutes
Exfoliation 10 minutes
Foot bath 40 minutes
Price: US $ 80 + taxes
1 hour 20 minutes of therapies.